But I Love My Comfort Zone…

I have never been a social butterfly. I know hard to believe, right? Seriously, I’m kind of a loner, I’m introverted and I’m a writer. Get me around people I’m comfortable with and I can hold a conversation. Throw me in a room full a strangers, that’s where things can get a little complicated for me. I still get flashbacks of how uncomfortable I was in certain situations at the 2015 Austin Film Festival.

But all of that is going to change this year!

Okay, maybe that’s being a little dramatic, but I am going to the Austin Film Festival this year by myself and I’m open to stepping outside of my comfort zone to talk to complete strangers. (Don’t worry Mom, I know my drink limit is a shot of tequila and I’ll make responsible choices). I am comforted by the fact that some of the Story Broads will be there. Can’t wait to see you ladies!

I still feel like I need to do something to help me step outside of my social comfort zone. So, I’ve decided to start a screenwriting Meetup group in my area. I haven’t made it public yet, because I have to find out some final information about a possible location for the first two meet ups.

You’re probably wondering why I need to start my own group.

Why don’t I just join an existing group?

You’re taking on a big responsibility!

You work a full-time job, you’re a full-time mother and don’t get me started on how many projects you need to write!

Why be social? Just stay in your room and make friends with your characters!

There are other writing groups out there, but none focus completely on writing for TV and film. I live in Ohio people! To be fair we do have a great organization for filmmakers, but I can never attend their meetings since they’re too late during the weekday.

The next best thing? Say it with me!

“If you build it, they will come.”

Why can’t I start my own meet up? I want it to be a writers support group, especially since we’ll be writers trying to break in to the Hollywood system while living outside of California. The group would get together once or twice a month to update each other on our progress, share tips and advice, while getting to know each other as fellow creatives.

I told myself to start getting out there to meet new people and what better way to do it then through this group. Don’t get me wrong, I love the online community I’ve found, but I need some face-to-face interaction with likeminded people. Once I move to Los Angeles that will be easier, but for now I have to seek these people out.

Now I know there’s no guarantee anyone will even show up to one of my meetings. If that’s the case, at least I tried and I can try to find likeminded people a different way. If I’m lucky, maybe one or two people may show and we can build from there.

Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone. Seek out new opportunities that will allow you to get different perspectives from people who share similar interest, but are on totally different paths then you. Maybe you can give each other some insight on what could be your next step? Maybe make a new friend? Share some screenwriting horror stories over a cup of coffee?

In a world that has become so use to interacting in front of a screen…

Wouldn’t it be nice to step outside of our comfort zones, shake a hand and discuss our passion for screenwriting?