About Me

The daughter of divorced working-class parents, April Austin, grew up in Dayton, Ohio, the town that is randomly mentioned in a lot of movies/TV shows when they need an obscure go-to Midwestern town to reference, but as much as Hollywood would like to put her city on the map she always had an eagerness to escape this small town life. Her first attempt to escape was by attending a performing arts high school. She played three characters in The Wiz, landed a leading role for a televised play, and was the assistant director for a children’s play.  Her writing started to take shape by being on the newspaper and yearbook staff. 

After graduation she majored in mass media communications at Adrian College, where she co-hosted a radio show, wrote/produced radio magazine segments, wrote, performed and edited her own comedy commercial. She helped run an open mic where she got to perform slam poetry. When she realized her passion was for writing, she applied to Emerson College, but her dreams were crushed when she received a bill for thirty-five thousand dollars. 

So, she devoted the next ten years studying character development through customer service jobs while taking on the huge responsibility of motherhood. At age 30, she put her years of studying characters to good use and applied it to TV writing. Over six years later, she has written six TV specs, six pilots, two feature films, a blog about her screenwriting journey and a produced one page monologue. 

Throughout the years she’s listened to multiple screenwriting podcasts, taken Jen Grisanti’s online TV pilot/spec class and got the opportunity to pitch in front of industry members at the Austin Film Festival in 2015. The festival was also the starting ground for “an international collective of women in film who stand for equality & promote, support, & empower female presence both in front of and behind the camera,” called The Story Broads, which she’s proud to be a founding member of and has joined several other members as writers for a California-based local cable TV show that is currently in development. 

The writing gig doesn’t pay, so unfortunately she can’t quit her day job and she does have to provide for a teenage daughter who’s on the verge of teen angst. So, after working in the aviation field for six years, she decided to enter the new and exciting world of working at a children’s hospital. In the meantime she continues to gain life experiences and grow as a writer as she develops ideas, writes scripts and saves money so she can finally move to LA to pursue her career.