Starting Over…

Starting over with anything is hard. Two years ago I left a job after six years to start a new job that was in a completely different job industry. It was scary at first, but it’s the best job I’ve ever had. Two years ago I became newly single. Being out of the game for eleven plus years can be terrifying, but it was the best decision I made for me and my daughter. Don’t forget that I’m starting over with a new blog after blogging for five years and I’m starting over with my hair. I cut it all off people!

Now I’m ready to do it with my writing. Over the years there have been some scripts that have been hard to walk away from, because I felt like something was there and if I kept rewriting it would finally work out. The majority of the scripts I have written are never going to be rewritten again. There are two scripts that I love the concept, but the scripts don’t really get the original idea across.

All of the scripts I’m currently working on are brand new except for these two. Over the last few months, I’ve been playing it in my head of where I want these characters to go and not all of the characters are surviving this reimagining. For one of the scripts the concept is getting bigger and the genre is going to a darker place.

So, with both of these scripts playing out completely different then what I first imagined, I’ve come to the conclusion to let both of the scripts go and start with a page one rewrite. So everything that I’m writing now is starting with a first draft. In a way it’s kind of freeing. I really want to step outside of my comfort zone and explore some other genres to write. Maybe this is the step that I need to finally get my creative juices flowing again? Starting over is scary, but staying stagnant when it comes to my writing could be even scarier.

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