Revisiting My Old Self

For the last few days, I’ve been listening to some old recordings I made of myself back in 2012. These were the beginning stages of me pursuing this screenwriting career. At first, I had no desire to listen to them, especially since I hate the sound of my voice, but one randomly popped up on my iPod and I started to listen. Surprisingly, I wasn’t filled with embarrassment like I thought I would be. While listening something inside me clicked.

Where is that girl?

She was so hopeful and bursting with energy. Staying up late nights and pounding out pages. Willing to go after every opportunity just to see if one of them was HER opportunity.

Had the Hollywood system beat me down before I even got my foot in the door?

It will be seven years this October, when I finally decided to take the leap into actively pursuing this career. At this point a lot of people may have given up. I’ve never felt like that, but I did need to step away for a moment to deal with some life situations.

As I listened to the old me, even through the tears, she was very determined to never give up no matter how long it took. Even if she didn’t become a successful working screenwriter she wanted to make sure that she did everything in her power to try to make it happen.

I soon realized that part of me never left. Even when I wasn’t writing I was thinking about it. Trying to come up with new ideas or new twist on old ones. That desire has always been in me.

Every screenwriters path is different. Some get to work in the industry straight out of college. Some have been trying to break in for ten plus years. My story is going to be different from everyone else, but as long as I have that drive to never give up and to keep writing.

Even if it takes ten more years…

You can count me in.

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